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Consultancy - Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal

Following the identification of asbestos our own fully trained asbestos removal specialists are able to provide a comprehensive removal and disposal service.

As asbestos removal contractors licensed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) all works are carried out in accordance with the HSE regulations and guidance notes.

Disposal of all the removed asbestos is carried out in accordance with 'The Hazardous Waste ( England & Wales)Regulations 2005'.All types and forms of asbestos are regulary removed including:

  • Asbestos cement sheeting.
  • Asbestos pipe lagging.
  • Asbestos insulated roofs and walls.
  • White asbestos.
  • Brown asbestos.
  • Blue asbestos.

We are experienced in performing technically demanding asbestos removal contracts with smoke proof enclosures in live factory situations ensuring minimum disruption to the clients operation with zero health risk to adjacent personnel.

Our staff undertake continual medical checks as required under the terms of our licence.

Asbestos Surveys
The purpose of our surveys is to determine the presence of asbestos within a building. Once identified any asbestos containing materials can be monitored and managed. We can perform various types of surveys tailored to your specific requirements and meeting the MDHS standard.

  • Type1 - Location & Assessment Survey - Visual inspection.
  • Type2 - Sampling Survey - Samples of suspect materials are tested at a UKAS accredited laboratory.

We provide a full written report on completion of the survey, including:

Asbestos register - detailing all of the asbestos containing and suspect containing materials. Details of the condition of the materials found and their fibre release likelihood.

  • Photographic record of asbestos containing materials produced.
  • Annotated building plans.
  • Asbestos free materials are also identified and recorded.

Asbestos Removal
Once the asbestos has been removed, or encapsulated on site, it is removed and disposed of safely. We use an 'air lock' decontamination process, which all material and our operators pass through. For the waste itself, special bags are filled then sealed and they go through the controlled access facilities on their way out. A managed negative pressure system ensures that any asbestos fibres on the outside of the bags, or on the operator’s protective clothing, are sucked back into the contaminated area. As an extra precaution, before the final exit, a washing process is also gone through.


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