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Case Study 5 - Defence Establishment

Case Study Case Study
Case Study Case Study

Industry: Defence Establishment
Location: BAE Royal Ordinance, Bridgwater. Somerset

BeWise Waste Solutions Ltd Personnel were involved the identification / sampling / listing / load preparation and disposal of waste from the closure of the BAE Royal Ordinance site located in Bridgwater, Somerset.

We were requested to visit site on order to evaluate the client’s waste requirements. A full inventory of waste was carried out including the listing of Drums / IBC’s/ Bags and Lab Smalls. All unidentified material were sampled and analysed in order to find out the makeup of the waste. Once all information was gathered, we were able to prepare and repackage to ensure compliance with the applicable road transport and waste regulations. (CDG & ADR Regulations) This meant the re-drumming or over drumming. Using UN approved drums, Labeling and palletising waste. All waste was then wrapped and banded for added safety. The waste materials were now ready for transportation for offsite disposal.

We were also asked to carry out the removal of waste as a result of a Laboratory clearout. A full listing was carried off over a thousand items. These items were listed and packed into relevant packing / waste types. Disposal of all of the waste was through a suitable licensed waste disposal facility.

In addition to these works we were asked to dispose of Waste Ash from the sites internal burning ground. The materials were sample sampled and analysed for contamination and a full WAC Test of the material was obtained. The results highlighted the presence of substances that prevented the material being disposed of at a Non Hazardous landfill. An alternative disposal site authorised for the disposal of this waste was located and a site audit of the disposal site arranged for the client, this was carried out prior to the waste being disposed to ensure the disposal site was licensed to accept the waste. Suitable tipper vehicles were organised to arrange the haulage of the material. Approx. 100 tonnes were removed for disposal from site.


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