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Contaminated Land

Contaminated Land
We consider ourselves a service provider and problem solver. Whether we become involved at project conception or only when a problem arises, BeWise Waste Solutions Ltd can call upon a wealth of experience and expertise to cover any eventuality.

Our services include but are not restricted to:-

Remedial Scheme Design
When considering a remedial scheme design, many factors must be considered and all too often many different parties consulted. However, BeWise Waste Solutions Ltd appreciate that the remedial works are unlikely to happen unless two crucial objectives are met; a remedial scheme must be achievable and cost effective. These objectives become the 'drivers' so when we work on a remedial design, we shall evaluate all site investigation data, consider the proposed site use, applicable legislation and every available remedial technique to ensure we meet these objectives.

Any remedial scheme design must stand up to the rigours of time and the ever changing environmental legislation and to the scrutiny of the regulators and other third parties. BeWise Waste Solutions Ltd has a wealth of experience in negotiating and agreeing remedial schemes with the regulators.

Despite our best efforts we do not live in a perfect world. Therefore, the necessity of suitable and robust insurance is most important to our clients. BeWise Waste Solutions Ltd maintain both contractors and professional indemnity insurance to cover any eventuality and offer 'peace of mind' to our clients.

Risk Based Assessment
Derelict land, brownfield land and contaminated land are just some of the confusing descriptions used to descirbe 'previously used' sites. Only contaminated land has a legal definition: which by reason of substance in, on or under it is causing significant harm or is giving rise to significant risk of significant harm or in any event is causing pollution of controlled waters or a likelihood of pollution of water.

All sites should be assessed on the existing conditions, source-pathway-receptor linkage and suitable for use approach.

It is rarely necessary to clean a site up to a pristine standard. By using all the aforementioned assessment criteria, BeWise Waste Solutions Ltd can design and carry out remedial works that will allow even the most despoiled land to become economically viable for re-development. The most benefit can be gained by involving BeWise Waste Solutions Ltd at the earliest stage possible.


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