BeWise Waste Solutions Ltd

BeWise Health & Safety Policy

BeWise Waste Solutions Ltd is committed to achieving the highest standards of health and safety in every area of its business. Attention to all aspects of health and safety is an indispensable part of the commitment. We believe that accidents, injuries, occupational illness and damage to property or the environment can be prevented by the application of sound management practices. We will establish and maintain safe working practices for all our activities, services or products that will eliminate or minimise risks of employees, customers, the public or the environment. Health and safety is no less important than any other aspect of business performance and as such will be actively managed and measured.

The health and safety objectives of BeWise Waste Solutions Ltd are:

  • To provide and maintain places of work that are safe and without risk to health, together with adequate facilities and arrangements for welfare and first aid.
  • To provide standards of communication across the business which will promote the inclusion of employees or, as appropriate, their representatives in developing and promoting effective measures to ensure their health and safety at work.
  • To provide sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure that all employees are fully aware of the hazards of their work and their responsibilities for carrying out that work safely, at all times.
  • To develop and promote a culture of continuous improvement through the application of this policy.
  • To ensure that all accidents and injuries are thoroughly investigated and that actions are logged, widely published and fully implemented.
  • To conduct our business in an organised and responsible manner, adopting health and safety management systems that are consistent with appropriate national and international standards.
  • To monitor and audit health and safety performance across the business on a regular and consistent basis.
  • To ensure that health and safety is a significant factor in the selection process for suppliers of goods and services.
  • Where BeWise Waste Solutions Ltd has a significant interest in a Joint Venture company, whether by equity ownership, management representation, or otherwise, to use our influence so far as possible to ensure that appropriate health and safety policies, practices and performance standards are put in place.
  • To comply with all relevant statutory health and safety legislation. The achievement of these objectives will be monitored and reviewed periodically to ensure they remain relevant and appropriate to BeWise Waste Solutions Ltd.

Business Health and Safety plans
Health and safety audits will be carried out in all business areas at least annually. Following the audits a plan will be developed to improve on areas which are deficient, to maintain standards that have already been achieved and to promote continuous improvement.

Business Responsibilities
All operating units within the business will commit to and implement this policy.

Ultimate responsibility for executing this policy rests with the Proprietor – Nominated Person / Monitoring / Business responsibilities of BeWise Waste Solutions Ltd. He is responsible for ensuring that the operations within BeWise Waste Solutions Ltd are conducted with full regard to the policy and objectives set out as above. Specific responsibilities, performance standards and reporting requirements will be developed where appropriate to support this policy and ensure its effective implementation.

Managers Responsibilities
All managers at every level throughout the business are expected to make regular reviews of the health and safety standards in their area of responsibility, and to provide and maintain places of work that are safe and without risk to health. Managers must identify and allocate sufficient resources to carry out this policy within their area of responsibility. These resources include competent staff, information and training for themselves and all other employees, and specialist advice where required.

Individual Responsibilities
All employees have a responsibility to themselves, their colleagues, BeWise Waste Solutions Ltd and to the wider community to work safely. They must cooperate with managers in all aspects of health, safety and welfare, and maintain their place of work and all their equipment in a tidy and safe condition. They must not interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health, safety and welfare. Employees will be given every opportunity to make known their views on health and safety issues.

Nominated Competent Person
The Proprietor – Nominated Person / Monitoring / Business responsibilities has been nominated as the Competent Person under the provisions of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

Monitoring the Implementation of this Policy
As nominated director for safety, the Proprietor – Nominated Person / Monitoring / Business responsibilities of BeWise Waste Solutions Ltd is responsible for regular monitoring of the implementation of this policy. Regular reports on performance, via the Safety, Environmental and Quality Manager are made to the senior executive team and to BeWise Waste Solutions Ltd.


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